We envisioned and created gradually in depth of a 20-year, one of the few "new generation" technical offices in Greece. Providing all design and licensing services in the whole range of engineering specialty, with the "one stop shop" service across the market: enterprises, individuals and public sector.

Company offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Mykonos, Chalkidiki and solid partnerships in other Greek cities and more than 20 permanent engineers with postgraduate specialization in all disciplines (Civil Engineers, Architects, Environmentalists, Transportation etc), render a unique 'Licensing Center", with nationwide reach, easy access to services and immediate response to the customer.

Within the promising and emerging tourism market of country, we developed a new service (Go Licence for Hotels and Tourism) giving immediate solutions, fully adapted to modern techniques and licensing needs of all hotels.

Immediate response is achieved due to our immediate presence at the most dynamically developing tourist areas and islands

Company "Stavros Konstantinidis and Associates" hopes to contribute with expertise and dynamism, technical and licensing support to the new entrepreneurship in Greece of 2020.

Stavros Konstantinidis
Civil, Environment and Transport Engineer

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Street Skoufa 62A, Kolonaki

Tel.: +30 210 3602710
Mob.: +30 694 8607547

E-mail: info@stavroskonstantinidis.gr


Street Mitropolitou Iosif 1

Tel.: +30 2310 236882
Mob.: +30 694 8607547

E-mail: info@stavroskonstantinidis.gr