Company Profile
The company '' Stavros Konstantinidis & Associates - Consulting Engineers', was founded in 1992 by the Civil and Traffic engineer Stavros Konstantinidis, in Thessaloniki.

It spans the entire range of design and licensing services in all engineering disciplines, in all services addressed to individuals, entrepreneurs, broader public and private sectors.

Human Resources - Partnerships
The company employes 20 scientists - engineers with postgraduate specialization and features solid partnerships with academics and expert consultants involved in the composition of research group depending on the particular requirements of each project.

More than 300 public studies, research programs and dozens of full projects in Greece and abroad were completed. In private sector, hundreds of companies and individuals have accomplished their licensing needs using our company services.

The project is distinguished by emphasis on quality design, the throughput to each relevant department, modern environmental perception and functionality of solutions.

Watching closely to the technical and legislative developments, innovative and pioneer solutions are offered, tailored to each customer's needs and particularity of the country.

Ministries, Public Organizations, Municipalities and Regions, large hotels, chains sanitary, industry and crafts, shopping centers, homeowners, companies, real estate, law firms, architectural firms, construction companies, car service businesses (parking, gas stations, garages ).

The company is headed founder, Stavros Konstantinidis and a flexible team of qualified engineers.

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