Stavros Konstantinidis

Stavros Konstantinidis was born in Cologne, Germany in 1968. He is Dipl.Civil Engineer of AUTH with postgraduate studies in traffic - transport and environmental planning.

He was trained abroad in international scope, specialized management and governance programs, abroad, including "Managing and Shaping the change in Information Age" at HARVARD UNIVERSITY, John F. Kennedy School of Government (2004) and the "International Visitor Leadership Program" of UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE (2008).

He began his career in 1992, as a research and scholar associate at the AUTH, in public and private projects. Until today he has developed and participated in more than 300 studies and research projects in the fields of traffic - transportation, urban and environmental planning in many cities in Greece and abroad.

He has vast experience in public administration and entrepreneurship. In addition he has been special adviser at Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, Macedonia - Thrace and Citizen Protection, in many local authorities and public bodies. In 2002-2004 during the preparation of the Olympic Games, at the age of 34, he was the youngest Governor Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), in Greece and Europe.

In private sector, he has served as senior executive and management consultant in many large listed construction and energy-sector companies (Intracom Group, INTRAKAT, Mytilineos Group, Protergia)

Many of the proposals, articles, integrated projects and urban traffic-transportation interventions that he has developed, have presented in media.

Today he is General Manager at the company "Stavros Konstantinidis & Associates - Consulting Engineers", retaining offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini and Mykonos islands which employs 20 scientists engineers of all disciplines. The company has adopted the "staging" philosophy (one stop - shop) by covering all market needs, specific to business and public sector.

Regularly he editorializes in press and electronic media. He has, also, written the books ''Open Cities", 2010 and "Smart roads for a human city'' 2014, editions ''Athens Voice Books''.

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